About Change Support

“Enabling adaptive business”


We provide organizations with improved structure to be able to adapt and manage the unpredictable.


We want to achieve a reality where people and businesses are in balance, well-equipped to handle a constant evolution; a world where Change Support is no longer needed.

History in brief

Change Support was formed in 2010 as Gassås Syd AB and renamed in May 2012 as a natural step in the process that we act as support in change. Founder and owner is John Sporre. Previously, we have worked in both private businesses and employees. We have solid experience of successful business change both as line managers and consultants.

Change Support has mainly assignment in larger companies, both nationally and internationally and with varying industry affiliation. We operate a network of business development, process development and IT. Although we work in large organisations we also work as mentors for start-ups and other evolving companies to share our knowledge.

We are volunteering in PMI, Project Management Institute and other non-profit organisations, making events and presentations, e.g. “Process kill or Process chill”; Malmo 2012-04, Computer Society South, “The brand and I”.


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