The size of the organization and it’s delivery

When we are out meeting people, we usually bring a diagram. One axis is the size of the organization, in the number of employees, and on the other axis if the supply of products or services.

The size of the organization is a way to measure of how complex or complicated an enterprise is. Although there are small businesses who sometimes manage to complicate things. As we discuss in this dimension, it is usually a matter of communication and collaboration, and how to get employees to follow practices and policies.

Operating supply is an axis between being a product to being a service, so it’s usually a good indicator of how complex the delivery is. A service may consist of the product and a variety of services which is usually a complex integration that requires good coordination and control.

Where are you in your business? And where are you heading? We can support you in the process of simplifying the business in the direction you want.

Think until we meet, we’ll talk further.

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